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SLS relies upon a state-of-the-art laboratory at our manufacturing plant in Hugo, Minnesota. Stewart Lubricants & Service has continued with a steady investment in its R&D and Q&A laboratory and plant, which has surpassed US$20 million in the last 16 years including 10 plant expansions.  

This investment is also replicated in constant training for all technicians, chemists and engineers since they are the lubrication manufacturing plants most valuable asset.  




As a benefit of this laboratory and its activities, SLS is able to achieve and maintain the highest product quality and load-carrying lubricants. These are some of the test we perform to our products and our competitors products at this facility:  

  • Four ball Weld and Wear

  • Ring-on-Block

  • Water Spray On

  • Roll Stability

  • Variable Speed Timken



Our field technicians, engineers and chemists meet on a regular basis in order to have first hand knowledge about real needs and challenges the Mining Industry faces.  With this information, our product development team decides on where to focus their efforts.  At the same time, our engineers maintain their efforts to the development and manufacturing of products that contribute to the lowest equipment Total Cost of Ownership

As part of our commitment to our Environmental Policies, SLS devotes great resources to find greener solutions to the world lubrication needs.  

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