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SLS Wire Rope Lubricants are specifically designed for the lubrication of wire ropes used in the harsh environments and applications of the mining and construction industries. 

When applied properly, the SLS Wire Rope Lubricants significantly reduce lubricant consumption when compared to conventional wire rope lubricants.

Features & Benefits:

  • Formulated to address environmental concerns.

  • Form a tough durable and pliable film which protects the outside of the wire rope, reducing friction and wear when the ropes are drawn through the sheaves and the drums, extending their life.

  • Penetrate the rope to provide wear and corrosion protection to the inner strands, which leads to extended life of the rope.

  • Excellent water resistance (rain or sleet) .

  • The film does not build-up in the wire rope which leads to less down time.

  • Provide excellent resistant to rust and corrosion which leads to extended component life.



SLS Wire rope Lubricants typical applications include mining and construction equipment such as standing and running lines, draglines, cranes, and derricks.

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