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SLS BI OGL Extra Heavy and BI OGL Heavy are specifically designed for the lubrication of open gear systems found on heavy duty equipment in mining such as large draglines and shovels. These grades were developed for service during the higher ambient temperatures found near the equator and/or the summer months anywhere in the world. They provide maximum protection to open gears, racks and pinions and slides in these machines. 

Features & Benefits:

  • Formulated to address environmental concerns.

  • Lubricant forms a tough durable film which separates the mating surfaces, reducing friction and wear, and providing maximum protection to the components it lubricates, 

  • Provide excellent water resistance (rain or sleet)

  • Resistant to rust and corrosion.


SLS BI OGL Extra Heavy and BI Heavy can be applied to heavily loaded open gears such as those found in mining equipment (draglines, shovels) and in industrial equipment (kilns, grinding mills, ship loaders, crane slew ring and pinion).

For more information and technical details please click the link below.

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