Stewart Lubricants & Service Co., Inc. provides a single source for lubrication equipment, system design, installation, service, lubricants and technical support. If you are having lubrication problems, we make it our mission to solve them.

Services and Sales
Stewart Lubricants & Service Co., Inc. was incorporated in 1988 in the Black Warrior Basin of Alabama with the mission to provide service, lubrication equipment and lubricants to the mining industry in this region. SLS has successfully increased our focus to also include industries that are indigenous to our state and surrounding areas. Today, we continue with this mission not only in this region, but throughout the world by following the three main concepts that we have found useful:

1. Quality
We provide SLS Lubricants that are designed with the characteristics of today’s mining machine in mind. Our emphasis on quality in the manufacturing of these lubricants means you receive lubricants that will often exceed their published specifications in each and every pound or gallon of SLS Lubricants.

2. Innovation
We continue to search out and prove the best of today’s lubrication application technologies to our satisfaction before we put them in daily service on your equipment, This lets us keep your equipment costs down while providing you with up-to-date application equipment for those critical lubrication jobs. We treat your equipment as if it was our own.

3. Trustworthy Employees
We work to attract and retain employees that are trained and knowledgeable in the best practices of automatic and manual lubrication of all types of equipment. The most important aspect of our training program is to develop a desire in all of our employees to take responsibility for the proper lubrication of your equipment.The result of applying these concepts to your equipment is a reduction in downtime and increased productivity which reduces maintenance costs. SLS lubrication system design is based on making the system as straight-forward and modular as possible to maintain an inventory in our Birmingham warehouse of both replacement components and repair components for all the systems we design and maintain. This is to make certain that a malfunctioning system can be returned to service as quickly as possible. We also stock our lubricants in bulk, drums, kegs, pails and cartridges at all of our facilities. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 


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